Success Stories

Newfound confidence helps Dubhe to grow and flourish

It was a dream come true when I landed my target job as the groundskeeper at my children’s school. I’d chatted to the groundskeeper regularly when I was picking up the kids from school, and I knew he was planning on retiring. He ended up retiring earlier than expected...

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Jackie finds success in a family-friendly workplace

I enjoyed motherhood, and being able to spend time with my three kids, but after a five-year career break, I craved the mental challenge and adult interaction of the office. We relocated to Brisbane in 2015, and I felt it was a great opportunity to return to my...

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Annie’s Dream Role as a Marriage Celebrant

If there’s one thing I knew after having my son Theo, it was that I couldn’t go back to my previous career as a social worker. I once loved the job but my passion for it had gone, and I just knew it wasn’t compatible with my new role as a Mum. I’ve always been active...

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